Deus Ex Machina is a fusion of engineering and artistry centered around the creation of a fully functional machine constructed from gears, cylinders, and pipes.

"Deus Ex Machina" seamlessly fuses the realms of industrial engineering and steampunk art into an ambitious 400-piece generative art collection. Crafted with p5js and inspired by the rich textures of the steampunk aesthetic, each piece in the collection stands as a testament to the possibility of blending mechanical elements with artistic creativity to craft something truly extraordinary.

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By leveraging real-time Bitcoin data, the collection offers a unique on-chain experience that is fully animated, bringing the intricacies of gears, cylinders, and pipes to life. Deus Ex Machina is fully embracing bitcoin blockchain as a medium being an artistic visualization of its pulse. It is reacting to blockchain events in real time reflecting it with piece animations. The artwork is therefore an opportunity to visualize the blockchain and to observe it as it ebbs and flows forever.

This body of work not only exhibits the artist's vision of merging engineering precision with artistic flair but celebrates the mesmerizing beauty of machinery transformed into a captivating artistic network.

The collection reflects a deep exploration of the steampunk aesthetic, with each artwork being a testament to the artist's vision of harmoniously blending mechanical elements with creative expression. At its heart, "Deus Ex Machina" embodies the transformative power of art, elevating the complexity of machinery to a form of intricate beauty, and setting a new standard for what generative art can achieve.


License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

File size: 107.96kB

Library: p5@1.6.0