CyberSea artist portrait


Michal Szafarski, known in web3 as CyberSea, is a seasoned software architect and developer with over 15 years of experience.

Born in 1989, he completed his studies in Game Programming in 2015, where he explored the intersection of coding, art, and storytelling. His art journey started as a miniature painter (WH40k, KDM and many others) where he had many successes.

CyberSea is deeply connected to the web3 community and his entry into the web3 world during the COVID-19 pandemic led him to discover and fall in love with generative art.

As one of the original art curators in gm dao, Cyber Sea combines his technical expertise with a passion for storytelling, ensuring his art always conveys a narrative.

His art is often inspired by mixing fantasy, science-fiction and technology. He also loves to use vibrant or even trippy colors in his works.

Cyber Sea further showcased his work in the genesis Alba exhibition, Flatland, with a very successful comic inspired BANG! Collection.

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