Dario Lanza artist portrait

Dario Lanza

Dario Lanza is a digital artist and a dedicated professor of Fine Arts, known for his ability to craft digital artworks through his mastery in algorithmic art. He is an influential voice in the academic world, with numerous papers that delve into the pivotal role of computer technology in shaping contemporary art. His creations have been showcased in art galleries across global capitals such as New York, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong, Athens, and Cardiff.

Dario's academic credentials include a PhD in Information and Communication Technology, with studies in Computer Science and Programming from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He also completed advanced studies in Computer Graphics (2010) and a Master's degree in Digital Modelling and Rendering (2004), and a D.I. degree in Engineering (1999).

Transitioning from an Engineering background, Dario made his mark in visual arts by distinguishing himself as a commercial designer for top-tier advertising agencies and publications including BBDO, Leo Burnett, and El Mundo magazine. His innovative work in the visual arts domain has earned him numerous awards and recognitions as a pioneer at the intersection of technology and art.

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