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Stefan Reyniers, operating under the moniker Moodsoup, has always been fascinated by the interface and tension between art and science. His work centers on the curiosity about the workings of the world and a genuine sense of wonder, aiming to bring his audience on a journey of exploration.

As a graphic designer and web developer, he has been experimenting with creative coding for the past two decades. Following the rise and fall of Flash, he transitioned to using Processing, and later on, JavaScript and p5js. Which laws and conventions, or deviations, shape our world? How does complexity emerge from a basic set of rules? And how can these laws, whether hidden or apparent, be represented visually? Through generative art, these inquiries take shape as innovative concepts, ideas, shapes, colours, patterns and a new aesthetic. The creation of generative art is always the result of a process of exploration, refinement, filtering and optimisation. Sometimes serendipity takes over in the course of this process. That’s when magical moments, unexpected discoveries and happy accidents arise. Stefan's work can take on a variety of forms: a digital still image, an animation, a long-form collection, a physical pen plot, a fine-art print, or a combination of these.

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