Exploration of color and geometry in its minimal expression inspired by architectural brutalism and street art photography.

By Harto.eth - February 2023

RANGE #8815-49891
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License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

About SATS

Behold, an assemblage of 99 generative geometric masterpieces, each a symphony of colourful forms.

Crafted with algorithmic precision, every work is a unique composition of shapes and patterns, a digital ballet of lines and colors.

The vibrant hues dance together in a kaleidoscope of contrasts, from the vivid primaries to the subtle pastels.

The geometry itself is a canvas of wonder, ranging from simple lines, squares, and cubes to intricate, abstract forms that transcend definition.

SATS is an ode to the beauty of algorithmic art, a manifestation of the infinite possibilities of the digital realm.

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About Harto

Harto (Spain b. 1993) is a multidisciplinary designer and artist inspired by nature, theatre and new technologies.

He was born Barcelona where he spent most of his life drawing and exploring nature.

Graduated in industrial design and prototyping in 2016, he will work as a creator of art installations and street shows, learning art and design in a new perspective until 2020.

Surrounded by international comedians and traveling the world, Harto strives to step out of his comfort zone and embark on a journey of artistic growth.

In 2020, after the covid pandemic, he decides to leave the theatre company and the physical world and fully immerse himself in digital creation and the world of NFTs, where a few months later he will achieve some exhibitions in international marketplaces and galleries.

Highlights include works exhibited in New York, Miami, Hong Kong and a project with 50 international artists that took the first NFT into space thanks to the Rakia mission, supported by Space X and NASA.

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Step into the visual symphony of SATS, where digital art transcends into the tactile world.

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