An architectural approach to cellular biology

By Moodsoup - March 2024

License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

About Mitosis

This collection by Moodsoup navigates the parallels between natural processes and human-made constructs, drawing inspiration from cell biology and architectural design. It illustrates how cellular division, similar to architectural development, evolves and shapes environments.

This art blurs the distinction between the organic and the engineered, showcasing patterns that resemble both cellular structures and architectural sketches. The work engages viewers to oscillate between micro and macro perspectives, reflecting on the intersection of biological and geometric division.

The collection presents a diverse range of visuals that, while varied, maintains coherence, encapsulating the intricate beauty of both natural and constructed forms.

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About Moodsoup

Stefan Reyniers, known as Moodsoup, merges art and science, exploring the world's complexities through generative art. With a background in graphic design and web development, he has evolved from using Flash to Processing, and now JavaScript and p5.js.

His work probes questions around the laws and anomalies that define our existence, using generative art to visualize these concepts through innovative designs, colors, and patterns. The generative art process involves exploration, refinement, and sometimes serendipity, leading to unexpected discoveries.

Moodsoup's creations vary, encompassing digital images, animations, collections, pen plots, and fine-art prints, showcasing a diverse and evolving aesthetic.