VIVID Gallery

Unleashing generative ART on Bitcoin 

A community initiative that invites generative artists to inscribe curated collections on Ordinals.

Trending Collection: Mitosis by Moodsoup

VIVID Gallery

VIVID brings the dynamic world of generative art to life on the original blockchain, providing artists with a unique opportunity to connect with and access the vibrant community of Bitcoin enthusiasts.

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Curated Collections


Moodsoup - March 2024

An architectural approach to cellular biology

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Deus Ex Machina

CyberSea - Frebuary 2024

Fusion of engineering and artistry

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The Golden Ratio

Harto - December 2023

Recursive - Block 9 x450 SATS
72.94kB Total File Size

The Aesthetics of Mathematics

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Rising Echoes

Medusa - August 2023

Recursive - Block 78 SATS
819kB Total File Size

A Vintage Sci-fi Ode to Imagination and Technology.

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SATS - Genesis Collection


Harto.eth - February 2023

RANGE #8815-49891
2.76MB Total File Size

Exploration of color and geometry in its minimal expression inspired by architectural brutalism and street art photography.

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Holders of the SATS genesis collection get priority access to all future Vivid-curated generative art collections.

Combing the provenance of Bitcoin with the disruptive nature of the emerging Ordinals movement

Bridging the past and future

Participating in the VIVID ecosystem and inscribing generative art collections to the Bitcoin blockchain via Ordinals results in artwork that is both contemporary and timeless.

A culture of creatives & builders

A thriving new art-driven Bitcoin culture is emerging and VIVID’s community of artists, technologists, innovators, and collectors is at the very core of it.

Technically adept

As the Ordinals ecosystem evolves, VIVID will curate work from established artists looking to experiment. We anticipate being able to offer collectors token-gated hi-res versions of their art.