The Golden Ratio

Discovering the Aesthetics of Mathematics The "Golden Ratio" collection by Harto is a visual exploration of the patterns that govern our reality.

By Harto.eth - December 2023

Hash Fibonacci Sequence
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License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

About The Golden Ratio

Each piece in this collection is a window into the intricate dance of numbers and nature, marrying the Fibonacci sequence with the principles of recursive algorithms and fractal geometry.

Harto's work reflects the proportionality found in nature, the symmetry and grids that underpin our universe, and the beauty that emerges from chaos.

Harto's designs are not just images but algorithms at play. The randomness of patterns, the organic granulation, and the harmonic color palettes reflect the unpredictable yet orderly universe we inhabit.

The collection's aesthetics draw heavily on the rich history of cryptography and the bold patterns and functionalism of the Bauhaus movement.

About The Inscription

The Golden Ratio Ordinals will be inscribed using Parent/Child Provenance. The parent will be the generation algorithm, and the children will be the individual ordinal inscriptions.

The metadata for each ordinal will also be inscribed, providing a complete on-chain artwork.

The parent element will be inscribed on the alpha uncommon sat #452580000000000 from year 2010. The children elements will be inscribed on SATs from the first bitcoin of Block 9 450x (the first block that has satoshis circulating today).

The main file will occupy 7 kilobytes on the blockchain, while each child file will require approximately 157 bytes.

About Harto

Harto (Spain b. 1993) is a multidisciplinary designer and artist inspired by nature, theatre and new technologies.

He was born Barcelona where he spent most of his life drawing and exploring nature.

Graduated in industrial design and prototyping in 2016, he will work as a creator of art installations and street shows, learning art and design in a new perspective until 2020.

Surrounded by international comedians and traveling the world, Harto strives to step out of his comfort zone and embark on a journey of artistic growth.

In 2020, after the covid pandemic, he decides to leave the theatre company and the physical world and fully immerse himself in digital creation and the world of NFTs, where a few months later he will achieve some exhibitions in international marketplaces and galleries.

Highlights include works exhibited in New York, Miami, Hong Kong and a project with 50 international artists that took the first NFT into space thanks to the Rakia mission, supported by Space X and NASA.

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