SATS by Harto

Exploration of color and geometry in its minimal expression inspired by architectural brutalism and street art photography.

Holders of the SATS genesis collection get priority access to all future Vivid-curated generative art collections.


Behold, an assemblage of 99 generative geometric masterpieces, each a symphony of colorful forms, where the vibrant hues dance together in a kaleidoscope of contrasts. Crafted with algorithmic precision, these works are a unique composition of shapes and patterns, forming a digital ballet of lines and colors that range from vivid primaries to subtle pastels. The geometry itself unfolds into a variety of forms from simple lines, squares, and cubes to intricate, abstract structures that defy classification.

The SATS collection stands as an ode to the beauty of algorithmic art, illustrating the boundless possibilities within digital creativity.

Through SATS, we witness the enchanting convergence of technology and creativity, offering a glimpse into the infinite artistic potential that lies within the digital landscape.


Range: #8815-49891

License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

File size: 2.76MB

Library: p5@1.6.0