In the heart of my artistic exploration lies Floraforms, a digital homage to the transcendent work of Gustav Klimt, particularly his masterpiece, "The Kiss". This collection is a pivotal part of my journey, blending the essence of Klimt's art with the boundless potential of generative art and ordinals.

The ordinals ecosystem is perfect for fine art and generative art in general. It's a secure, decentralised, and immutable ecosystem, allowing every digital artefact to be preserved as long as Bitcoin exists.

This digital format not only allows for the preservation and global sharing of art but also opens up a dialogue about the value and ownership of digital creations. The integration of blockchain technology in this collection is a testament to my commitment to innovation and the democratisation of art.

Floraforms is set to be a pioneering generative art project in collaboration with a traditional art institution, the Belvedere Museum in Vienna. This venture pays homage to the museum's rich history and the era of Gustav Klimt, a time when artists, philosophers, and creatives produced groundbreaking and disruptive works.